Contest rules

  • To enter the contest, you have to be a student at the University of Gävle and you must approve that the data you provide are used for administrating the contest.
  • By sending in your entry you also admit the University of Gävle to use the entry. Your film will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and shown on our social media channels.
  • When the winners are announced, some personal details will be published on the University’s social media channels. The winners are selected by a jury with representatives from the University of Gävle and Lundberg&Co.
  • The jury selects the winners based on your idea on the theme sustainability. The decision of the jury can’t be appealed, and the jury doesn’t have to provide a motivation.
  • If you win, we will maximise your film idea in cooperation with a professional film team, and the result will be an advertising campaign for the University of Gävle.
  • The price is personal and it can’t be transferred to another person or be exchanged for money. The winners will be notified in person.

The University of Gävle can’t be held responsible for the consequences if a contest entry has gone missing, been damaged or been delivered to the wrong address, or too late. We don’t have any responsibility for technical difficulties or problems that can influence entering the contest or the final result. If we find that the contestant has been cheating, or if the entry is found to be illegal, offensive or in any other way ethically or morally inappropriate, the University of Gävle has the right to disqualify the entry without notifying the contestant. If your entry is incomplete or missing necessary personal data, you will not be able to take part in the contest. The finalists will be selected no later than 6 February. The winners of the final voting will be notified in person on 15 February 2019. By approving these general contest rules, you also give consent to handling of your personal data.

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