Olle Brozén is a glass blower and artist who operates Glashyttan in Högbo Bruk. He was commissioned to create Emma's award. See image.

“I was told what the film was about and from that point to create something. Since I usually work with my “Rude Girls” motif I thought I could put one in a glass rocket in space.”

He explains that the “Rude Girls” theme is something he’s been playing around with for a few years.

“I have two daughters and have always been of the opinion that personal space, outer space and personal depiction should not be limited by gender, that’s so old-fashioned. To ephasize this, I started to make “Rude Girls” who scream insults à la Trump and even quotes from movies like: – ‘I will find you and I will kill you’. Not because they’re so special, rather to show the absurdity of many men’s behaviour.”

Olle Brozén, glass blower and artist

However, this time it didn’t refer to any quotes. Olle wanted to create an image inside the sculpture, with the same theme as was in Emma’s film. He began on the inside and worked his way out. He formed a globe since it is about outer space. Behind the girl he inserted a silver leaf. Olle tells us that if you put bicarbonate on hot glass, bubbles will form, in that way he could create a lovely tarry sky. His usual method is to hand-blow his glass and he decides on the measurements by eye.

“I made a sketch on a notepad, did some tests, then I began. I am very pleased with what I managed to achieve with such short notice. I managed to get my initial ideas into the finished product.”

The glass sculpture can be attached to the base of a lamp so that the subject is lit up.

“I think it’s great that the award has both a function, in the form of a lamp, and at the same time, it’s something to show off.”