The University's communicator Maria Åstrand Swenneke talks about this year's winning film and ‘Made by Students’.

This is the second year that students have created a large advertising campaign. How do you think they are doing?
“They’re doing really well. They are committed and think it is fun to be involved.”

Tell me what you think about Emma’s commercial. Why do you think she won?
“Emma’s film is about feelings that many of us have. That we humans have damaged the earth so much so that it is too late to do anything about it. Is there another planet where we can start over? I think it won because it is both frightening and at the same time a little funny.”

Maria Åstrand Swenneke is a communicator at the University of Gävle

What is the University’s message when using this film? 
“Using this film, we want to say that students are always in focus. The students can participate and influence our marketing. The film also illustrates the University’s commitment to the work on sustainable development.”

In the commercial, we see that students can create the University’s advertising. Does this mean that you allow the students to influence other areas?
“The students can also participate in our still image ads for their respective programmes. They get to have their say about what should be included in the images, what it is that will symbolize their programmes. We also have students who are ambassadors for the University. They are extremely important and accompany us when we attend expos, visit high schools and many other outings. We always want to avail us of our existing students, both when it comes to imagery and when attending different events.”

This year, you chose sustainability as a theme. Why?
“Sustainability is something that the University of Gävle has worked on for many years and it is also included in our vision statement. We have been environmentally certified since 2004, so it felt like a natural theme to use for the competition.”

Emma’s film is about taking care of the earth, were there other students who interpreted sustainability in another way?
“Yes, among others, there was one student who focused more on social sustainability, that education is available to all.”

Will the students be allowed to make the University’s commercials next year as well?
“Nothing is set in stone. We haven’t begun planning for the next campaign yet. Even if we don’t continue with ‘Made by Students’, it’s still possible for students to participate in film making.”