Herman Nygren is a director at ‘Team Tony’ in Stockholm. He helped Emma transform her idea into a professional commercial.

“I think Emma’s film won because it is an odd and distinct idea. I like the fact that it takes place in outer space and that there is a special sense of humour in it. A melancholic sense of humour, it’s bloody depressing.”

In the beginning, Herman helped Emma to refine her idea so that it could become a good commercial. However, it didn’t need many changes, the film follows her original script almost entirely. The difference is that the girl in the movie wakes up during the making of a movie and not at home.

Herman Nygren är regissör på Team TonyHerman Nygren is a director at “Team Tony”

“The gist of this film is that there are several different messages to convey. It is partly about applying to the University, and partly that the University allows students to really have exert their influence. But it is also about sustainability. Apart from that, it is that Emma’s story needs to be told.”

There is a lot to communicate within 30 seconds.

“If we had we 45 seconds it might have been even better, that’s how it is. But it turned out really well.”

Many choices

Normally, Herman participates in the casting in order to select the right actor for his films. He tells us that it’s important that the chemistry works between him and the actor. But this time it was different. He and Emma watched the films of the castings and they had to choose from over 20 different actresses. It was important that it the actress could express sensitivity.

“Emma and I were not in complete agreement. But she was the one who had to choose, she chose Anna and it was absolutely the right decision.”

“This year, it really was the student who got to decide”, he says. “Last year, six films were made but each student was not allowed to participate at all stages of the process, not in the same way that Emma has.”

“This was exactly what I wanted to give the student,” he says. “Emma was able to manage all the details.”

Time to film

The actual recording took place in Studio 2 at Filmhuset. A huge studio, one of Sweden’s largest.

“It really is on sacred ground, it was where Ingmar Bergman worked. The venue has a lovely atmosphere.”

On the first day the scenes were built, the bedroom, spaceship and a room that was completely empty. A studio environment was also needed, but that already existed. The filming took place on the second day. Emma shadowed Herman on both days and contributed to even the smallest decisions. Herman knew from the outset that it would be difficult for the actress to wear the heavy space suit.


“Anna is a fighter, she never complained. However, I knew that the suit bothered her, it weighed a lot and it hurt. She needed to wear it all day and we tried to support her as best we could.”

Otherwise, there were no major challenges during the actual day of recording. He says that surprises are rare, everything is carefully planned, and they film in a controlled environment. But the film was not complete once it had been recorded. Then, there was a lot of work waiting; such as editing, visual effects and sound. Emma got to narrate the dialogue at the end of the film, a so-called voice over. There she calls on the viewers to apply to the University of Gävle.