Our winner Emma Jakobson is completing her final year of the Media and Communication Programme, with a major in professional writing. Now she’s decided about what she wants to work with once she gets her degree.

Congratulations Emma! How does it feel?
Thanks. It feels great. These past few weeks have been extremely exciting and enjoyable.

The film’s theme is sustainability. How did you come across the idea?
I was sitting on a train from Gävle when I came up with the idea. I sat there and brainstormed some ideas and wrote them down. I knew that the theme was going to be sustainability, but I wanted to find a different approach than the usual; carbon dioxide emissions, recycling, organic food etc. From the get-go, I wanted to find something that incorporated humour, not something too serious and I still think we succeeded (even though the movie is called dystopia).

Emma Jakobson, winner of ‘Made by Students 2019

I didn’t want it to come across as “Do this! Don’t do that” kind of message, that kind of style doesn’t help us to get the message across about climate change. The only thing I wanted to achieve with my idea was that people would pause and think, possibly reflect. I think most people are tired of listening to how we need to recycle and eat vegetarian food. At the same time, you could ask what does a dystopic sci-fi film have to do with the University of Gävle? Yet, if it gets people to turn their attention to the issue then we have probably succeeded.

I also thought it would be more of a story or, at least, part of a story instead of the traditional boring advertising. Like, who doesn’t enjoy an exciting story?

How did you proceed once you had established the concept? Did you write a
draft/write about it?
As I said, I sat on the train and wrote down some ideas, then I wrote a draft once I got home. I’m no cartoonist but anyway I sketched some images that envisaged my idea. I only did that because you had to film your idea and then submit it. If I had been able to write a script, I would have done that instead.

Did you attend any of the University’s workshops?
Unfortunately not, but everything turned out well anyway…hahaha.

What do you want the viewer to feel while watching the movie?
I’m not expecting anyone to feel anything in particular. What I really want is that people should turn their gaze to the TV once they hear the music: “I want it to be over”. I want to get people’s attention for 30 seconds. At the same time, I hope that people think it’s a cool movie, because I do! And that they remember the University of Gävle.

Did you change your script/idea much prior to making the movie?
We changed very little of my original idea. There was a scene in the middle of the movie and the end that was deleted but everything else was left intact. That which I submitted was also very open to changes and improvements, so it became even better.

Tell me about the recording. How was that?
Prior to the recording, I met many talented people who, in various ways, were involved in the project. I was there during the casting and chose the actor who would become the main character in the commercial. It was lots of fun and everyone was really talented.

We recorded in Studio 2 at the Film House (Filmhuset) in Stockholm. It was so awesome. I had no idea how much equipment and how many people it takes to make a commercial. Everyone was so good at their thing too. The entire day was like one long show. For sure it was one of the most enjoyable days I have had. I felt like “this what I should be doing, this is where I belong”. That is how I have felt throughout almost the entire project and I never knew that before.

Has anything been difficult?
Mostly it has been fun and unbelievably rewarding. I have been challenged to think in new ways, especially in terms of new creative pathways and I learnt a lot in a very short amount of time.

What do you think of the finished product?
The result was better than I imagined. Herman (the director) and the entire film crew have taken my idea to a whole new level.

The theme is sustainability. What does that mean to you?
I think sustainability is important and relevant, at the same time, it is, in many ways, a worn-out word. Various new approaches are needed for the general public to become interested. Perhaps we need more hope than shaming when talking about the subject, and actually more humour (even though it is a serious subject).

You were awarded a glass sculpture, made especially for you. Where is it?
That’s so cool. It even has my name on it! Right now, it’s on an dresser and I turn it on each night (because it works like a lamp too – useful!). It is my first award so it is great and so of course it’s out there where it can be seen.

What do you want to work with when you have finished studying?
Advertising and movies for sure. No doubt. That’s what I’m going to do after graduation.

How old are you?
23 years old.

Where do you live?
Solna. (I commute to Gävle).